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Phthalates-free flexible PVC pipe reinforced with a rigid anti-shock PVC spiral and with an internal layer of polyester-based PU, manufactured according to the UNE EN ISO 3994 standard.

For food use according to European regulations CE 1935/2004 and EU 10/201, which require the simulant D2 in OM3 conditions.

Specially designed for the aspiration and impulsion of liquid foods and vegetable oils.

The vacuum and pressure values correspond to working temperatures of 23±2ºC (ISO291).

Multiple uses in medium temperature applications for hot and cold air, as well as gases and vapors.

High resistance to high and low temperatures. Excellent flexibility, even at low temperatures.


Factory Tub reserves the right to change specifications without notice. Tolerance of all specifications ±5% (the tolerance percentage is applicable to all data in our range)



Download the technical sheet here


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